TeamCME Awarded Driver Helpful® Trademark!
Exclusive Use for Members

An important part of marketing for our members is our “Branding” effort. Our first trademark award was for “TeamCME”. However, we are expanding our national branding and after nearly a year, we have been awarded a trademark for: Driver Helpful® when related to “DOT Physical Exams”.

“Driver Helpful” has all of the right “stuff” to be the most successful brand for DOT physicals. Other branding such as “Driver Friendly” implied a favorable bias towards drivers which we found to be counterproductive when it came to motor carriers.

As we expand our branding, Active TeamCME members have permission and are encouraged to use both the “TeamCME” and the “Driver Helpful” DOT Physical Exams trademarks in their office documents and advertising. If you see these trademarks being use by any other entity please let us know as we will be enforcing our trademarks.

You can download a copy of these trademarks (as a logo picture or as “print” for use in your documents) from by signing in as a member and going to the member center link.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

Mike Megehee, DC TeamCME President